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Ours is a Family Story

It all began with a desire to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals our family was exposed to every day.  We began researching and creating botanical products with proven ingredients that better fit our lifestyle and ones that we felt good about using.  We started 3Js Pure with our family in mind and the intention of passing on what we've learned and developed to others who have the same desire for better products.  We specialize in aromatherapy and botanical skincare and in finding natural solutions for everyday needs.​Our goal at 3Js Pure is to provide high-quality, plant-based products that are free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, perfumes, and preservatives.  Our products contain good-for-you botanical ingredients that are proven effective without the addition of anything artificial.  We use essential oils that support the body's functions naturally and create skincare that nourishes and leaves your skin soft, smooth, healthy, and radiant.​3Js Pure is a family-owned small business based in Ken Caryl, Colorado.  We make everything by hand, in small batches, with only the highest quality botanical ingredients.  We have a passion to create products you can trust and we aim to make them affordable. Because everyone deserves to live naturally.​*No parabens, phthalates, or endocrine disrupters*​HAND MADE - SMALL BATCH - FAMILY OWNED



Hi, I'm Jodi, the first "J" and founder of 3Js Pure.  The other two "Js" are my husband, Jordan, and my son, Justus.  They help with product testing, photography, website maintenance, and the ever-important feedback.  Without their endless encouragement and support, 3Js Pure wouldn't exist.


I have been using and researching essential oils since 2013.  I hold a Master of Science in Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (  My degree is the foundation that I continually build upon by enrolling in courses from various creditable educators that help further my knowledge from different perspectives in aromatherapy, carrier oils, hydrosols, and herbalism. In fact, I'm currently enrolled in an MS Herbal Medicine Program through ACHS. I'm excited to see where this new training will lead. 


Making my own skincare products was a project I started in 2014.  I had been learning about the potentially harmful synthetic chemicals in everyday products and was looking for a natural option.  At the time, I had red, blotchy, oily skin, and was prone to breakouts.  I had tried several OTC brands but it wasn't until I used nature-based products that I saw a real change.


My first facial cream was a very simple version but it, combined with oil cleansing, did wonders for my skin.  I began researching essential oils and carrier oils for the skin and began creating the formulas you see here.  I'm still amazed at how powerful these natural wonders can be for nourishing, replenishing, and enhancing the skin. 

As a member of NAHA (National Alliance of Holistic Aromatherapy) and the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists), two of the leading aromatherapy organizations in the U.S., I support their mission to advocate the safe use of essential oils, promote academic standards in aromatherapy education, and advance the integration of essential oils into the many forms of today's medical therapies.

Our goal at 3Js Pure is to provide plant-based, natural, and organic products that fit with a holistic-based approach to health at a reasonable price.  How do we do that?  We choose quality, proven ingredients from trusted suppliers and limit our overhead.  We're proud to be a small, family/veteran/woman-owned small business and we'll strive to continue to bring you products that you can trust.

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