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From Our Valued Clients

“LOVE the Day Oil!  It is the perfect mixture for my face/skin type.  It keeps my skin hydrated all day and night without looking oily.  My skin never felt parched even in the snow!  I slept with it on and woke up hydrated from the night before.  I'm a HUGE fan of this product."

Leslie Icaro, Denver, CO

I have been using 3JS Pure products for 4 months.  I have serious problems with dry skin and am thankful to be living in a humid environment because it helps control the dryness, however, this winter has been particularly cold and my skin has suffered.  I usually use everyone lotion (unscented) for face hands and body but feel like my skin needs more hydration soon after each application.  I first used 3Js Pure Daytime Facial Oil in the morning and after one application did not feel like my skin needed more hydration and even towards the evening my face was still sooooo soft.  I used the night cream that night and all in all the effects are great for the night cream and the day cream or oil alike… long lasting soft hydration.  My skin is looking particularly great… friends have even commented.  I know 3Js Pure is doing great things for my skin but the thing I love the most is how wonderful everything smells.  The Day Face and Facial Oil smell like everything you would want to remember your Mother or Grandmother smelling like when you were a kid… I mean that in the best way.  I also have to mention the EYE ROLLER has reduced fine lines, the DIGESTION appears to make me more regular (not to mention it tingles and is my 2nd favorite smelling 3Js Pure product), and RELAX and CALMING have been effective in normalizing my stress levels at work when I remember to use them.  I received otherwise great advice on how to wash my face and instructions on when to use what and how to apply.  I trust this company is making pure, safe products and knows what they are talking about.

Joy Schaubhut, Biloxi, MS

I recently had a one-on-one consultation with Jodi, owner/CEO of 3Js Pure. It was wonderful. I've been using essential oils for years and thought I knew what I was doing. But in talking with Jodi during this consult, I realized how limited my knowledge is. During the course of an hour, she asked me to list different physical/emotional issues I have and would like to address. For each particular issue, she researched various essential oil properties and came up with a separate essential oil preparation. She also devised a treatment plan and follow up.
Jodi has amazing knowledge about EOs and expertise in combining them into products. I found this consultation with her well worth the time and a great investment in my health!

Chris Van Huysse, Northfield, OH

I have dry and sensitive skin and I've suffered from atopic eczema since I was little.  Your products never irritate my skin at all but keep it so moisturized.  I just love your butter, it's awesome!  Thank you so much for creating such nourishing products.

Hideko Jackson, Denver, CO

Your products are the best! LOVE the day oil!

Janet Brunner, Parker, CO

My personal favorite is the Everything Spray.  Everyone in my office loves it too!

Nickolette Reynolds, Colorado Springs, CO

The day oil is so incredible--it moisturizes and it feels so smooth and soft on the skin.  I love it!

Melissa Verlet, Littleton, CO

My favorite is Baby Face.  So soothing and healing!!
(thanks, mom!)

Sue Krone, Corry, PA

The Daytime Facial Oil has replaced my daily moisturizer.  I love it!  The Healing Salve is like magic for my dry, peeling feet.  I put the salve on my daughter's cuts and rug burn and the stinging went away. 

I applied the Arnica Mint Pain-Relieving Massage Oil to my daughter's shin when it "really hurt" after she banged it on the bed.  The oil made it feel better!

Jessica Mullins, Ken Caryl, CO

SCAR BALM: This formula really works and feels soothing.  I used this post knee surgery and the purple discoloration is fading and the markings from my stitches are smoothing out.  The soothing sensation really complements the healing too.

Pam, Littleton, CO

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