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Safe Usage

Essential oils are generally considered safe when used properly.  However, they are extremely concentrated and should be used with caution and reverence.  Our products are diluted to a safe standard.  However, there are some essential oils that should not be used when pregnant, nursing, with certain health conditions, while taking some medications, or by young children.  Please seek consultation or contact us with questions prior to use.  Before using any of our products on your skin, please test a small amount on the inner arm to check for allergies or sensitivities.


Contact us if you have any allergies and would like to try our products.  Modifications can be made to suit your needs.

Do not use essential oils internally without consultation by a trained internal-use-certified aromatherapist.  Do not add essential oils to water (use hydrosols!).

Dilute essential oils prior to applying topically to avoid the possibility of sensitization.  Always test a small amount on the inner arm prior to use.

Do not use essential oils on babies.  The excretory systems of young humans (kidneys, large intestine, liver, skin, and lungs) are not fully developed and essential oils can potentially be harmful. 

Use essential oils with caution on children ages 2-7 as not all essential oils are safe for this age group.  

Do not use essential oils on pets (use hydrosols!).

If diffusing in an area with pets and young children, some essential oils can potentially be harmful.  Ensure adequate ventilation.

Our blends are not intended for use by those who are pregnant or nursing, or by children under the age of 7 years without individual consultation.

Those on blood-thinning medications or with liver, hormonal, or any serious health condition should seek a consultation prior to use.

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